Sunday, 13 March 2011

March Portsmouth League Teams

Linda Palmer
Bob New
Daniel Allen          1674

Recurve A
Mandy Linn
Phils Adams
Mark Parker          1646

Recurve B
Jim Wilson
Brian Parker
Peter Parker           1404

Recurve C
Barry White
Dave Terry
Alan Jones             1204

Sunday, 13 February 2011

February Portsmouth League Results

Linda Palmer
Daniel Allen
Bob New                   Total 1665

Recurve A
Phil Adams
Richard Dixon
Mandy Linn               Total 1618

Recurve B
Mark Parker
Jim Wilson
Barry Jakes               Total 1479

Recurve C
Brian Parker
Peter Parker
Debbie Pierce           Total 1312

Well done to all those who took part

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Portsmouth League January 2011 Teams

Results for January Portsmouth League

Linda Palmer              551
Bob New                    549
Daniel Allen               544

Recurve A
Phil Adams                 559
Mark Parker                540
Mandy Linn                 528

Recurve B
Jim Wilson                 504
Barry White                500
Peter Parker               488

Recurve C
Debbie Pierce             484
Barry Jakes                 483
Brian Parker               477

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Despite the icy conditions and snow more people than expected turned up to shoot this morning (19 Dec). It was almost as cold in the hall as outside. Well done to all those who made it.

No shooting next week as it is Xmas. Next shoot Sunday 2nd January.

Happy Xmas to all and see you next year

Monday, 13 December 2010

Results December Portsmouth League

The following made the teams for the December Portsmouth League. Thanks to all that turned up and shot last Sunday
Compound Team - Linda Palmer
                              Bob New
                              Brenda New

Recurve "A"           Phil Adams
                              Mandy Linn
                              Debbie Pierce

Recurve "B"            Michael Pierce
                               Brian Parker
                               Peter Parker

Recurve "C"            Steve Reed
                               John O'Connor
                               Sam Randall

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Portsmouth League

This Sunday the 12th of December is a Portsmouth League Match. It is a postal league, so we never actually get to meet our opponents. We send in our team scores, and they then let us know where we stand in the league.

This year we have entered four teams into the league. One compound and three recurve teams. A compound team consists of two compound archers and a recurve team is three recurve archers.

Getting on a team is simple. The top two compound scores shot on the day are sent in as the compound team. The top three recurve scores are sent in as team “A”, the next three scores as team “B” etc. After shooting on Sunday, if you pop upstairs for a coffee, you will be told if you have made one of the teams this month.

As the teams are just the top scores and not named archers, if you do not make the team one month, you could make it on another month.

See you on Sunday

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Records and Tournaments

The updated County Outdoor Records are now online for your perusal. All the usual suspects from Bognor appear on the lists. The main new one is Debbie who has TWO County Records in Barebow for the Long national and National.

Some of our archers crossed the border and shot at the Surrey Indoor Tournament. All shot well with a lot of PB's and wins. Results on the Surrey Archery Association website.

Arundown are going to stop allowing us to shoot at their Indoor Tournament. 12 archers from Bognor went, and walked off with most of the prizes.
Debbie won the Ladies Barebow Single Round
Linda won the Ladies Compound Unlimited Single Round
Daniel won the Junior Gents Compound Single Round
Sam won the Junior Gents Recurve Single and Double Round
Mandy won the Ladies Recurve Triple Round and came third in the Double round
Richard came second in the Gents Longbow Single Round
Heath came third in the Gents Compound Unlimited Triple Round.

Next major tournaments are
Guildford 16th January
Arundown Worcester 6th February
SCAS & Sussex Indoor Championship 6th March